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Alma’s Blessings

Yoni Box

Yoni Box

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Yoni Soap
Yoni Steam
Yoni OIl

Yoni Box is a CARE PACKAGE with enclosed

Yoni Soap

Yoni soap is an indulgent, natural soap that leaves your skin soft, smooth, and radiant. This product cleans the most sensitive area of a woman without leaving any residue, maintains the proper natural moisture of the skin, and reduces inflammation and irritation. Detoxify the skin from bacteria and other Infections, Itching, Burning Sensation, and Unpleasant Odors. Anti-inflammation. It also tightens and nourishes the vagina to balance the feminine PH. 

Yoni Oil

 Yoni oil is a blend of olive and coconut oil infused with herbs and essential oils. Yoni oil is used to improve vaginal health. This blend is antibacterial and anti-fungal, it helps improve vaginal elasticity and moisture, helps fight chronic infections and more.

 Yoni Steam

Yoni Steam is an ancient technique of womb cleansing that helps with heavy menstrual bleeding, aids fertility, vaginal dryness, and Painful cycles, rejuvenates the vulva, relaxes muscles, nourishes the womb, increases blood flow, and restores vaginal PH.

Yoni Pearls

 3 Yoni Detox Pearls equals one cleanse; we recommend 6 Detox pearls to start a thorough cleanse. General Cleansing time is estimated between 7-9 days using 3 Yoni Detox Pearls; depending on your body, some detoxes may last longer. 





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