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Alma’s Blessings



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 A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone that can be worn inside your vagina. It acts as a weight resistance to help train and strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor 


This gemstone is said to provide you harmonious connections on a spiritual level. It's a healing stone, with the greens bringing soothing vitality and the pink bringing affection and empathy. Its strong relationship aids you in forming similar bonds and living a life of understanding and tolerance. It is a Heart Chakra gemstone that assists us in regulating our feelings and maintaining harmony in our work and personal life.


Unakite is a beautiful gemstone for accessories creation. It blends beautifully with the vibrations of other gemstones and looks excellent with both brilliant and moderate hues in embroidered jewelry.

Additionally, Unakite is a visionary crystal. It harmonizes moods and spirits, as well as providing stability when required. It aids re-birthing by gradually removing circumstances that stifle mental and religious development.

Unakite also aids people in the long-term recovery of severe disease. It helps the developing children's life by treating the reproductive organs and promoting healthy deliveries. Unakite helps in the formation of the epidermis and complexion and improves body weight when needed.

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