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Push Through Sis -PCOS Blend

Push Through Sis -PCOS Blend

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 Yoni Steam is an ancient technique of womb cleansing,  that helps heavy menstrual bleeding, aids fertility, vaginal dryness, Painful cycles, rejuvenating the vulva, relaxing muscles, nourishing the womb, increasing blood flow, restoring vaginal PH. This product is ideal to be used for woman to aid with PCOS

Organic Ingredients 

Spearmint, Dong Qui, Rose Petals, Raspberries, Yarrow, Mugwort, Lavender

For general use and Maintenance using 1/4 cup of herbs is recommended per steam

.For advanced reproductive problems, using 1/2 to 1 full cup of herbs is recommended per steam, Steam one to two times per week, before and after menstrual cycle 


If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant

If you are on your cycle 

If you have an IUD

This product is Organic,  This Product is not intended to treat or cure any disease 

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